What do you mean there’s no Queen?

At school you need to have a formal name for the kids to call you. I’m not used to being called the Mrs. Name…that’s my mother-in-law’s name. I prefer Elizabeth over Betsy although most of the people have known me as Betsy for so long that, understandably, it’s hard for them to change. I answer to both. One of the Kindergarten teachers (& another followed suit) introduced me to her class as Queen Elizabeth. I liked that! So now I have quite a few kids coming up in the ranks (word is spreading and some of 3rd grade is involved) who think I’m actually a queen. Common questions asked, “Do you live in a castle?” “Yes, my home IS my castle but we had to fill in the moat because it dried up one summer and the alligators died.” “Do you have a king?” “Yes.” “Is he King Elizabeth?” *ahahaha, silent snicker* “No, he’s King Gareth.” “Were you a princess first?” “No, I was never a princess. I went straight to being a queen.” “Are your daughters princesses?” LOL “Sometimes they act like one but no, none of them were raised as princesses. They will decide if they ever want to be a queen.” I recently heard from one of the Kindergarten teachers who wrote this to me: “So I was teaching my students about the letter “Q” today and while they were brainstorming words that begin with the /kw/ sound, they of course mentioned “queen.” I proceeded to explain that queens are the “heads” of their countries, but that we have a president here rather than a queen. One of my students said, “No, we have a queen here. Remember the lady who gave us the Kleenex?” ;)” (I passed out individual tissue packets to them on Halloween for their ‘treat.’) One first grade boy has recently started saying, “Hello your majesty!” He has a sly look in his eye whenever he says it (he’s an unusually bright little bugger) and I smirk right back at him. Once in a while I wonder what will go through the minds of all these kids when they’re older and they see me. Will they question my queen status along with the reality of Santa Claus or will I always be Queen Elizabeth to them much like the moniker of Queen Latifah? Either way, I’m having fun…and it’s a nice compromise to having a ‘proper’ title.

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    • It’s okay Ruby, no alligators were harmed in the making of this story. Lets just say Hermy & Toadstool died of natural causes at the advanced ages of 93 (they were sisters). They lived 23 years longer than the average alligator.

    • I was given a bag full of paper products from a friend and there were a bunch of Halloween themed travel sized tissues in it. For Halloween I dressed as a ‘basket case,’ (aka crazy lady to the little kids) so it seemed appropriate to give out something crazy to them. They used them as napkins for snack time because they weren’t the softest tissue for a nose.

  1. This is great “Betsy” (since I’m classified as one of the people who knew you before you became Queen)!!!! Keep the blog thing going. It’s great to hear about happenings in your world!

  2. Gah, I hate being called Mrs. Timmers… but I don’t think I could ever be Queen Rebecca, or even Princess Rebecca for that matter. :/
    Love the blog, btw. I’ve tried about 3 times to start one in the past year, and… have nothing to show for it. Ho hum.

    • How about Lady Rebecca? I have friends that have that title (Lady Elaine & Lady Susan Lila). The sweet thing is…you don’t have to act like a lady, it’s just your title. This blog took quite a while to get going. It was doing a great job existing in my head. Actually, it was a phenomenal success in my head because I could make comments wherever I was. No need for paper or a computer. You have a great resource for a blog with the kids at school. They say the craziest stuff!

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