Hello World…welcome to mine!

About Myself:
This is about my life. Everything in it is MY memories, beliefs, bizarro humor, traditions, dysfunctions, info I’ve gleaned from life and stuff I make up in my brain for my own amusement. I am who I am and this is how I view life.
I started this blog in my head (where my 3 personalities reside). I needed some place to list all the important stuff that I might’ve forgotten to tell my daughters while they were growing up. Then I thought, “You have so much brilliance in your brain; why not share it with everyone? That’s a brilliant idea just in itself!” I also have a husband. He takes me in stride (he gets to hear my brilliance daily) but I think he’s secretly jealous because I’m funnier than him.
About my 3 personalities:
Everyone has different sides to themselves; shy/outgoing, quiet/loud, happy/sad, etc. Well, I’ve named mine (a long story I’ll share at some point). There’s two dominant (Betsy & Elizabeth) and one very quiet, reflective one (Tebazilena) who keeps the other two in balance. They argue a lot in my head about any random and/or important topic that comes up. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s annoying…kind of resembles life.