Be My Valentine

February 14th was very surreal this year. Two funerals and a birthday.

Fortunately my daughter decided to celebrate her birthday on Friday so we could attend her festivities. We went out to eat, drank and played an inappropriately hilarious game. It was relaxed and fun. No tears today, just laughter. Happy Birthday #2!

Love was celebrated on Valentine’s Day but that wonderful emotion was surrounded by tears and heartache. The elderly friend who died lived a full, rich life as her family’s memories attest to it. My other friend was taken much too young. She was my age and I loved her, and I love her kids. She was an incredibly strong-willed, kind and loving woman who raised two independent, strong-minded, happy, beautiful daughters. She will be missed by so many people.

Gary & I never did get around to celebrating St. Valentine’s Day for ourselves, although we did fit in a lot of hugs; it’s what I need the most when my heart breaks.

I’m appreciative of what our relationship has become after all these years. For every time we rode out the storm, and there were some intense ones, our marriage became stronger for it. So here is a belated gift to my love…

Reasons Why I Love You

1~ You love me unconditionally…good times and bad.

2~ You love our children unconditionally…you are a very good father to them.

3~ You figure out how to fix what’s broken…and have saved us thousands of dollars.

4~ You make me laugh…that’s quite a turn-on!

5~ The older you get the funnier you’ve become. I’m taking credit for some of that.

6~ I love the almost daily touches and signs of affection we give each other.

7~ You have the same political attitude as me…eliminates a lot of arguments.

8~ We make a great team when we’re working on something together.

9~ I am the Yin to your Yang…we balance each others strengths & weaknesses.

10~ We have an incredible history together.

11~ I don’t just love you, I like you…and way more times than when I don’t.

12~ You treat my family as your own…above and beyond sometimes.

13~ You take the word multiple very seriously…and I thank you for that!

14~ I’m proud of who you’ve become.

15~ You dance with me. I love that I have a willing partner.

16~ I enjoy the times we spend cooking and cleaning together.

17~ We can communicate with just looks.

18~ You stand patiently by me when I’m riding the crazy train having a meltdown and then hug & hold me when it’s over…my safe harbor.

19~ You listen to me and respect me.

20~ And I love that you look at me like I’m still the young thing I once was, when the mirror reminds me that I’m anything but.