I’m more fun than the Queen across the pond!

Just an FYI…I also answer to Queen Elizabeth. It’s not another personality, just a title. I also answer to Goddess but that’s another story. It all started when I spent 2 months in the hospital trying to keep daughter #2 inside me. A week before Christmas (she was due April 1st) I was admitted to the hospital because my cervix was opening and the bag was bulging out. I found out later that the staff & my doctor figured I’d lose the baby so it was very beneficial that I stubbornly refused to believe anything bad was going to happen. Not once did it cross my mind that he/she wasn’t going to make it. Yay for persistent stubbornness! I started requesting stuff mainly to be goofy, to amuse myself because I had nothing better to do and because I have a wicked sense of humor. The nurses started a list to post on my door and each day I’d add another ‘demand.’ Queen Elizabeth was born!

I grew quite close to my nurses & doctor subjects and eventually worked my way up to special requests from the kitchen, getting a horizontal perm (this is not code for anything kinky…ahahaha, kinky, get it? Perm? Sorry, had to chuckle), a gurney trip down to the gift shop (saw a big stuffed frog with a crown that was later given to me by the nurses & my doctor) & a Tupperware party in my room which coincided with finally going into labor & delivering #2…who I eventually did have to burp (a little Tupperware humor). I’ll have to find the list & post it. I’m curious again as to what I had on it.

Update: I found the list and the frog. The list was posted on my December 14th post. http://elizabetsyt.com/i-wouldnt-make-a-very-good-kidnapper/ Here’s my gift of the frog prince:

Frog Prince for the Queen

Frog Prince for the Queen

2 thoughts on “I’m more fun than the Queen across the pond!

    • Ahahaha…terror, tornado, monkey-child. All men should have such a life experience of raising their offspring. He became a better father/man for it! I’m still waiting for a ‘thank you’ from him. Maybe I’ll just go out and buy a trinket for myself and say, “Look what you bought me…and you’re welcome!”

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