That’s me lucky charms…they’re magically delicious

I love St. Patrick’s weekend, it’s a happy little holiday.

I love, love, love Irish music! The fast, loud stuff makes all the cells in my body dance like whirling dervishes; the quiet stuff makes me calm and soulful. Either way, their affect creates happiness for me! After last night’s celebration I decided I’m going to have to move to Ireland for a year. There just aren’t enough Celtic bands around here; great sadness (& I’m pretty sure Ireland would have a whole bunch of people who could teach me how to really play my bodhran drum). So for now I’m gearing up for the Irish Fest celebrations this summer to get my next fix of the good stuff and continue to improve on my ceili dance steps. I can’t wait!!!

Byam Shaw “Rising Spring”

I love Irish beer & whiskey. Usually I drink them straight up & separate from each other. This year my sister-in-law was with me and she insisted (strongly) that we have an Irish Car Bomb. So after I had a couple of my token Guinness’ we moved on to shots. A good idea? Hard to say at this point so let’s wait and see. Not a lover of the Irish Car Bomb. Let’s analyze. Exploding cars don’t promote happiness…I like to promote happiness. If people would drink their beer & whiskey separate like I do maybe there wouldn’t be exploding cars in Ireland. Just sayin.’ Then we tried a Nutty Irishman…sweet & tasty! At this point I decided I wanted to try all the Irish drinks/shots on their menu. Next up was The Sheriff of Nottingham. I told the bartender (from Ireland with his cute little accent) that the sheriff was a naughty guy so the shot was changed to The Sheriff of Naughtyham. For being naughty it tasted rather nice.

I took a break at this point and switched to water where I became *poof* instantly sober again. That’s my story. I’m stickin’ to it. This is the point in the night that I found out that the rugged man in the kilt was wearing only his lucky charms underneath. I love kilts. Let’s all raise a glass for the kilt!

One more shot to go…The Slippery Leprechaun. It was creamy golden deliciousness! I rinsed the sweetness out of my mouth with a glass of Smithwick’s and more water before we left for home. It was a great night of music, friends & fun (& a lot of sober giggling).

In the dark quietness of our bedroom:
Me, “We need to move to Ireland for a year. I’ll do my energy healing & you can fix people’s stuff.”
Gary, “Okay.”

Betsy, Elizabeth & Tebazilena smiled, did a happy jig…and fell asleep.

2 thoughts on “That’s me lucky charms…they’re magically delicious

  1. The very heart of your writing whilst appearing reasonable in the beginning, did not work perfectly with me personally after some time. Somewhere within the paragraphs you actually were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a very short while. I still have got a problem with your leaps in logic and one might do well to fill in those breaks. In the event that you actually can accomplish that, I will undoubtedly end up being fascinated.

    • Thanks for reading the blog page but I have a feeling you’re going to end up not fascinated in the long run. If I had to fill in the breaks between my leaps in logic…well, I’d have to be someone else entirely. I’m pretty sure some people would love it if I wasn’t me anymore but with how many people live on planet Earth, that other person already exists. So I would in essence then be redundant. Maybe if you read more than one post you’d understand me better. I am what I am and it’s okay if you don’t find me fascinating. Thanks for your comment; I enjoyed reading it.

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