My tongue has no feeling anymore…sweet!

I love spicy food. I’ve even converted some of the family over to the hot side of life although I’ve been accused of going overboard by some of them. That’s crazy talk! I try to be respectful of those people whose taste buds are much like the Princess & the Pea. A drop of hot sauce, a dab of wasabi or a teaspoon of red pepper in a stock pot of stew will send them scrambling to the sink to gulp water straight from the faucet; all the while cursing me for trying to kill them as they futilely continue trying to put out the fire from the red hot poker that is stuck in their throat. I’m usually at a loss because I ate the same thing they did and I can barely feel any kind of heat in my throat (and I’m not gonna lie, I’m always a little disappointed in that). Depending on the food, if your nose isn’t running…it’s not hot enough. On a few occasions I have surprised myself by not liking the spicy hot food, but only because the intensity of the burn overpowered any flavor the food might have had. I love food too much not to taste it!
Just off the top of my head these are foods that I (& the general public it seems) regularly add spicy seasonings to: a LOT of Main Dishes, Pizza (red pepper flakes), Chinese Food (I like hot mustard but only if I don’t have wasabi; the green paste that if you breath the vapors into your lungs you will die…or wish you would until your body stops hating you for what you just did. I almost died twice from wasabi…it is some serious shit!), Jalapeno Pickled Eggs, Eggs (not including salsa), Salsa, and Nuts.
And these are foods that I’ve found taste delicious with a healthy dose of Red Pepper sprinkled in that you might not think to add to: Peanut Butter, Chocolate/Brownies (probably any dessert known to woman or man), Ice Cream, Coffee, Applesauce, Hot Apple Cider, Pickles (I drain out the pickle juice and add juice from the jalapenos) & all the other Main Dishes not included in the first category.
I’d like to hear if anyone has tried something (especially out of the ordinary) with hot spices that they like (or would want me to try for them). Disclaimer: I found out that it’s actually possible to put too much red pepper in brownies. It didn’t stop me from eating them (they were chocolate after all!) but I wouldn’t put as much in next time. Okay, sometimes I do go overboard and my response to that…blah, blah, blah.