You Can Skip to Video in 5…4…3…2…1…Skip Ad

Why is it that the YouTube videos with commercials that start out with an option to end the ad early, are the ones that are actually worth watching? The sucky ones that you have no choice but to watch are also usually the longest. So in lieu of posting a really cool song, here are some really cool commercials that tripped my trigger:

This kind of help would NOT have happened in our home. Baked goods…maybe. Kudos to the moms who rock like this!

Ahahaha…everyone needs this kind of friend! Even though it’s a talking stuffed heart.

The Sherlock Holmes in me got kind of excited about playing detective.

The song caught my attention (love the song) and hooked me into watching the preview. I think I might watch this!

Who would ever want to be normal?

And…I couldn’t help myself…I love music!